A number of stations participated in a Women of the world workshop on the 8th and 15th of November in Athlone which was run by Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS). There were very informative discussions over both days which included:

  • Exploring global interdependence (globalization)
  • Global poverty and inequality
  • Women and work in the global economy
  • Globalisation and precarious work
  • Hunger, obesity and the global food system
  • Corporate power
  • International institutions, economic policy and its impact on women and families
  • Instruments and action for change (including time to look at how the learning might be used in radio programme
  • Evaluation

A big thank you to Rachel Dempsey and Helena McNeill for running the training and telling us more about the work they do with LYCS Development Education. You can find out more about their organisation on their website https://devedlycs.wordpress.com/

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