Craol is the training, development and lobbying organisation for the Irish community radio network.

The Task;

(1) A review of governance policy, procedure and practice in community radio broadcasters in Ireland to determine the extent to which these meet minimum standards and best practice, to identify governance skills needs and training gaps, to make recommendations for improvements, and to produce a guidance handbook on governance for the sector.

(2) An operational review of CRAOL to evaluate the extent to which it has delivered on its mission and objectives and its effectiveness in carrying out its functions (including governance) and to make recommendations.It is important that both reviews have a strategic, forward-looking perspective, in addition to them retrospective evaluation of the approaches undertaken to date.

Applicants are invited to propose what they believe are appropriate research methodologies for the above tasks, however, it is expected that both tasks will require the gathering of a mix of qualitative and quantitative data.


1. A report of publishable standard on governance in the community radio sector, including recommendations for improvements and identification of skills needs and training gaps

2. A governance handbook (to be issued to each community radio broadcaster and used by its management, staff and volunteers)

3. An operational review report and recommendations for CRAOL


A maximum budget of €16,000 is proposed for the above two tasks.

Minimum Requirements:

The successful applicant will be required to undertake the following:

1. To attend meetings with CRAOL and BAI representatives to initiate the project and at identified milestones during the project.

2. To engage with the listed stakeholders in a manner determined by the methodologies for the project, which may be interviews, focus groups, surveys or a combined of these.

3. To document the current governance policies, procedures and practices in all 20 community radio broadcasters and CRAOL.

4. To document CRAOL’s activities, operations and approach over a relevant period of time.

5. To identify relevant legislation, policy and best practice and analyse the performance of each broadcasters and CRAOL against these.

6. To consult with relevant stakeholders to determine their views on the governance performance of the broadcasters and CRAOL, governance skills gaps/training needs in the sector, the operational performance of CRAOL and suggestions/proposals in relation to these.

7. To submit drafts of the above deliverables to CRAOL and the BAI before finalisation.

8. To produce the above deliverables to acceptable standards and present findings at a time and place agreeable to CRAOL and the BAI.Stakeholders, The boards, management, staff, volunteers and members of the following 20 community radio stations:

  • Athlone Community Radio
  • Community Radio Castlebar
  • Claremorris Community Radio
  • Community Radio Youghal
  • Connemara Community Radio
  • Dublin South FM
  • Dundalk FM
  • Flirt FM
  • Life FM
  • Liffey Sound Fm
  • Near FM
  • Phoenix Fm
  • Raidio Na Life
  • Raidio Corca Baiscinn
  • Ros FM
  • South West Donegal Community radio
  • Tipperary Mid-West Radio
  • UCC 98.3
  • West Limerick 102FM
  • Wired Fm

• The CRAOL Committee

• Selected BAI staff members

Proposals should contain;

  • Outline of methodology
  • Detail of key outputs to be achieved
  • Project management and reporting, including project milestones
  • CV/Evidence of previous work
  • Full set of costings
  • Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Insurance/Professional Indemnification
  • Referees x 2

Deadline for Proposals; 18th February. (5pm)

Submit to Craol Secretary:

Quote subject: Craol Review.

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