Starting Monday 20th February, on weekdays we will add an extra hour to our morning broadcast, airing until 11am daily, AND we will be back on air an hour earlier at 3pm for an extended two-hour Athlone Today.

The brand new programmes added to our schedule are:
Coffee Morning (women’s programme Wed 10-11am)
The Ranch (American Country music Wed 7-8pm)
St. Hilda’s (Community programme with St. Hilda’s students Fri 10-11am)
and Mayhem (Alternative, discussing all things weird, wacky, and outrageous Fri 7-8pm)

You can also listen to some of our most popular programmes again with our added repeats:
For Arts Sake (Mon 10-11am)
Across The Divide (Tue 10-10:30am)
The Faith (Tue 10:30-11am)
Foreign Language (Thur 10-10:30am)
Open File (Thur 10:30-11am)

Finally, Chart Spinners will now broadcast for two hours (Sat 1:35- 15:30), and a few programmes have been moved to a different day:
The Rambling House now Thursday 7-8pm
Atomic hour now Sat 6-7pm
World Music now Sun 4:35-5:30pm

Tune in to 88.4fm locally, or worldwide at or the TuneIn Radio app.


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