Levels of Membership

  • Full membership – Fully licensed by the BAI as a community radio station
  • Developing Member A – Accepted by BAI as ready to apply for a full Community Sound Broadcasting licence (3-10 years)
  • Developing Member B – Secured/Operating a Pilot Community Sound Broadcasting Licence (30 -100 Days)
  • Developing Member C – Secured/Operating a Temporary Licence (up to 30 days)
  • Developing Member D – Not-for profit group exploring/preparing an application for a Temporary/Pilot Licence
Click here to review our Categories of membership and their levels of support from CRAOL
Each new member is asked to sign up to the AMARC Charter and review our progression chart here

Contact CRAOL about membership

Still not sure about membership?

Why don’t you contact the CRAOL project coordinator to find out how membership could benefit you!

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