Levels of Membership

Full Membership

 Full membership of Craol is open to all BAI licensed Community Radio Stations, provided they can demonstrate adherence to the AMARC Charter for Community Radio. They should be able to demonstrate a not-for-profit, democratic ownership model and a commitment to tolerance, free flow of information, editorial independence and seek to honestly inform their listeners on the basis of information drawn from a wide diversity of sources, relevant to their community or community of interest. As per the definition of community radio, adopted by the licensing body (BAI) 2.

 Membership Representation 

Full Members will be asked annually to nominate a named representative to attend the Craol Annual General Meeting with speaking and voting rights.


Associate Membership 

 Associate membership of Craol is available to:

1)     BAI licensed community radio stations which have not taken out shares in Craol.

2)     Aspirant Pre-licensed Stations at various stages of development.

3)     Licensed community radio stations – which are members of the Community Media Council of NI.

4)     Not-for profit organisations which support our aims, or interested individuals with relevant skills or experience beneficial to Craol.

Associate Members Entitlements

Associate Members may attend Forum meetings in Observer status (i.e. non-voting capacity). With the exception of Associate Members 1, attendance at any Craol event and meeting is at the cost of the Associate member.

At the discretion of the Coordination Committee, Associate Members can collectively nominate one voting representative to the Forum.

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Each new member is asked to sign up to the AMARC Charter and a copy can be found Here

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Why don’t you contact the Community Radio Ireland Project Coordinator to find out how membership could benefit you!

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