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Raidio Corca Baiscinn invites applicants for the position of Part Time Marketing, PR and Fundraising

This position is funded under the Pobal Community Services Programme.

Duties include



  • Assist businesses with scripting adverts and follow up ince adverts aired to obtain feedback and repeat business.
  • Formulate strategy and manage station advertising: Liase with local businesses and explore all opportunities for income revenue through sale of radio advertising.
  • Manage collections and liaise with production teams on frequency and length of adverts.
  • Manage strategy for corporate advertising and sponsorship. Engage with larger corporate firms in the County and elsewhere for annual income through radio show sponsorship and advertising.
  • Putting together packages that will attract corporate investment and meeting with organisations to explain the opportunites available.Identify new opportunities for advertising and sponsorship and develop existing networks



  • Managing all marketing aspects of the station and developing ideas to improve the public awareness of the station.
  • Liaising with the manager and the Board to manage the marketing strategy including signage, logos and developing campaigns to ensure local people and the public in general know what the station does and what it stands for.
  • Utilising available tools for designing posters, flyers, logos and memes for use in marketing shows and the station. Develop stings and station adverts to enhance the station’s image.


Social Media:

  • Managing and utilising all aspects of the station’s Facebook, Twitter, blog and Instagram pages. Using social media to improve awareness of the station , podcasts and ongoing campaigns.
  • Maximising followers on social media through interaction and daily involvement.
  • Ensure contributors are putting up appropriate content on social media. Assist on management of station webpage.



  • Liasing with local press, community and social media relative to local events and campaigns.
  • Preparing, issuing and co-ordinating press releases and newsletters.


  • Organise and participate in fundraising committee group meetings, keeping minutes of meetings.
  • Formulating and managing ideas for fundraising events.
  • Preparing materials for use in fundraising events such as materials and collection buckets.
  • Work with and liase with local Garda to make applications for permits as applicable for events eg church gate collections.
  • Manage and co ordinate fundraising events and ensure collection/audit of funds raised and : keeping records of advertising and fundraising activites. Maintain spreadsheets of businesses visited.


  • Work as part of a team to develop programming ideas and station’s image.
  • Engage with local community to improve awareness of local issues and events.
  • Interact with volunteers to improve awareness of fundraising and the need for income streams.
  • Identify and develop ideas for sources of income streams to the station including sound and vision documentaries.
  • Assist where possible in progamme production and participation in shows as appropriate.


Please send CV and cover letter for the attention of Station Manager, Mairead Finnegan to
by 11th October 2019

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