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Every week, across Ireland, 2000 Community radio volunteers engage with an estimated 170,000 listeners in 20 fully licensed stations and 30 aspirant stations at different stages of development. Community Radio is a rapidly growing broadcasting sector and a force for community development, identity, and expression.

Community Radio offers:

  • rare and direct media access for all perspectives in our communities,
  • the potential for innovation inherent in non-profit,community owned and operated media
  • diversity in the provision of programming, especially where there would be insufficient profit for the commercial sector and too much cost for the public service sector.
  • offers a resurgence of local media highlighting local issues,opinions and voices in contrast to mainstream medias increasingly centralised content production.
  • the skills, resources and the opportunity to understand media by members of our communities through actively participating in its creation and delivery.
  • a unique mechanism to engage with social exclusion by acting as a vehicle for outcome-driven personal and professional training and development
  • a powerful tool in providing services and supports to communities, especially disadvantaged and excluded communities.
  • the opportunity to promote democracy, human rights and the environment.
  • a challenge to global media blandness in reinforcing local identities while acting as a catalyst for integration and inclusion.

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Latest News

CRAOL Achievements Awards 2017 – Applications now open

Who can enter? Entry to the awards is open to all full and 100-day licensed community radio stations in the Republic of Ireland.  Only station representatives can put forward entries for the awards. Why enter? The purpose of the CRAOL Achievement Awards is to give...

Community Radio Stations across Ireland to broadcast radio programmes produced by members of marginalised groups

Today sees the launch of the new CFI / CRAOL series 'On the Cusp- Belonging to Ireland', a joint venture between 7 community stations, working with members of the travelling, immigrant, LGBT and former offender communities. The event today also includes an award...

Referendum and law overview workshop registration

In partnership with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI), CRAOL is running a workshop to help stations to implement and interpret the BAI guidelines for coverage of the up and coming referendum on the 10th April 2018 from 10.45am in the BAI offices....

Job Vacancy at Athlone Community Radio

Job Title: Accounts Administrator Criteria: This role is part funded by Pobal through the Community Services Programme and candidate must meet criteria. Job Description: * Managing all administrative aspects, including financial management of Pobal CSP Programme and...

Latest news

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CRAOL Leinster Region Members Meeting – 6th June

CRAOL Leinster Region Members Meeting – 6th June

At the last Board and officer training in 2017, we were asked by our members to hold more regional meetings so that we could support and get to know each neighbouring station within a region. The committee will pilot these meetings this year as a way to see if this...

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