CRAOL Community Radio Forum of Ireland Society Ltd.

Our Vision = Everybody’s Right to Communicate.



CRAOL Community Radio Forum of Ireland Society Ltd. will empower and support community broadcasters nationwide to deliver a social benefit to their communities through active volunteerism, shared resources, good governance, partnership and networking”

CRAOL Community Radio Forum of Ireland Society Ltd., also called the CRAOL is the representative, coordinating, lobbying, training and support group for Irish Community Radio. Every week, across Ireland, 2000 Community radio volunteers broadcast to 170,000 people in 21 fully licensed stations and  almost 30 aspirant stations.

Core Objectives:

  • To advance the community radio sector through: Good Governance, Training, Networking, Communication and Advocacy.
  • To develop a network of licensed, not for profit, democratic community radio stations
  • To offer education, training and support for network members
  • To encourage network members to build the communities they serve
  • To encourage members to develop programming and activities based on the Amarc Community Radio Charter for Europe

The organisation primarily focuses on the support and development of community radio and through the combined efforts of the coordinating committee and contracted project coordinator, they coordinate and implement an annual list of training events for its members as well as offering an on-going support and helpdesk. In 2010, Craol launched a programme exchange and resource bank through an agreement for mutual co-operation between member stations. CRAOL Community Radio Forum of Ireland Society Ltd. is also a registered provider of QQI Accredited training and many of its members now deliver this training within their own communities which is quality assured by usl.

Our mission is to develop the Community Radio movement in Ireland and to realise its potential to make a difference to the communities its members are part of. As such, it actively promotes the rollout of Community Radio across Ireland and the development of partnerships with like-minded bodies.


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