Location: CRY104FM Community Radio Youghal, South Abbey, Youghal-Lands, Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland


Youghal Communications have the following Vacancies: CLOSED

Broadcast trainer & Audio Engineer (19.5 Hours per Week ex Breaks) This position is funded through Pobal and the Department of Community and Rural Development.

Main Functions: Maintenance of the Outside Broadcast Unit and equipment for location broadcasting and production. Trainer for Station Courses and QQ1.


  • Training in practical broadcasting with equipment and using a broadcasting desk, as part of in-house and out sourced training.
  • Outside Broadcasting unit the setup and maintenance of audio equipment.
  • Supervising the O/B Personnel and administration of calendar of events and promotions
  • Podcast & technical trainer.

Broadcasting Production Technician (39 Hours Per Week ex breaks) This position is funded through Pobal and the Department of Community and Rural Development .Main Functions: The role of Broadcasting Production Technician is to maintain the on air running of the station and to support the use of the service with technical assistance. The maintaining of the archival material is a key function in this role, the logging and storage of this is vital. Maintaining the computer system and ensuring it is clear, transparent and user friendly for all staff.


  • Administration and logging of Station logging and all Archival material.
  • Maintenance of Playout system including database, playlist and scheduling of events
  • Administration and delivery of Community Radio Network Syndicated Programming.
  • Commercial Production and production of stings including editing, mixing and voicing of adverts when required.
  • Programme Production-including editing and mixing
  • Scheduling of News – including editing clips
  • Troubleshooting with technical issues when required.
  • Supporting on air users and volunteers when required.
  • Supporting internal and external training
  • Maintaining the streaming and updating when required.

 Applicants can apply with a CV and Cover letter to yv**********@cr******.com

Closing date for applications is Monday 17th August 2020 @5pm

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